Batch Reporting

Batch Reporting

Batch Reporting

Batch API

This function returns the details of the Batches.

Batch Endpoint: {{GatewayAPIURL}}/Batch/GetBatchDetail/

Request Field Description

Batch_IdRequirednumericauto generatedBatch ID of the settled transaction is required to view details by id

Response Field Description

result_codestring1 – Approved2- Declined3- ErrorThe overall status of the transaction
result_sub_codestring000- ApprovalResponse sub code
result_textstringupto 100 characters APPROVAL DECLINEDDescription of the outcome of the transaction from First Data
terminal_numberstringTerminal IDID of terminal used
terminal_namestringName of the terminalName of the terminal used
batch_idstringauto generatedID of the batch generated
batch_datestringFormat- yyyyMMddTHHmmssZDate of batch processing


gateway_idnumericID of Gateway usedID of the gateway used for processing transaction
terminal_idnumericID of TerminalID of the terminal from where transaction was processed
merchant_terminal_idnumericMerchant IDID provided to the merchant for processing transaction
transaction_idstringupto 6 digitsGateway assigned transaction ID for the request.
transaction_datetimestringFormat- yyyyMMddTHHmmssZDate and Time of the transaction response
accountnumberlast4stringLast 4 card digitsDisplays the last 4 digits of the card used for transaction.
expiration_datestringMMYYThe card’s expiration date
transaction_amountnumericUpto 2 Decimal PlacesTransaction amount requested in original authorization.
methodstringCC- Credit cardACH- Automated Clearing HouseEBT- Electronic Benefit TransferDB- Debit CardThe method used to perform the transaction is provided here.
auth_idalphanumeric Unique code is generated by the Processor to identify the transaction
transaction_typenumeric1- AuthOnly2- AuthCapture3- Prior_Auth_Capture4- Capture_Only5- Void6- Partial_Void7- Credit9- Verification10 – Update11- BalanceInquiryType of transaction performed is returned in this field.
noncestringvalue- max 50 charactersThe nonce value is sent back in the response, the significance is to indicate that the transaction is unique
tokenstringalphanumeric value generate by token generation processtoken details from token table