OnePay- User Guide

Customers Tab

Customers Tab

On navigating to Customers tab, all the saved customers list will be displayed here.

In this page following actions can be performed:

Add new customer

Click on add new customer option

On clicking Add New Customer icon : Navigates to Create new customer page.

In this page , please provide all the necessary details for the customer and also the account details (CC/ACH) which will be used for transactions.

The Customer ID can be generated in two ways:

AUTO GENERATED: when checked  the checkbox auto generate, then the customer id will be autogenerated click on save customer.
USER GENERATED: When  unchecked the checkbox auto generate, then enter the customer id manually and click on save option.

Edit customer

Edit Customer: Will navigate to edit customer page.

This page allows  user to Add new card feature, delete card, set a card as  default card

Note: All the customer details can be edited except the customer ID

  • Edit Button: There is  an option to add new card. When we click on add new card button the and give the details and add card which we want to use for transaction processing.
  • Default option is available for cards. By default one card is selected which is used for processing the transaction. Allows to change the default card.
  • Delete Card will delete the selected card from the customer profile.

Charge Customer

Enables to charge the customer

On Clicking this icon it will navigate to Virtual terminal page

Search customer

allows to search for the customer by typing in name or Customer ID