FD Response Codes

FD Response Codes

These response codes are generated by the processor for Credit Card and EBT transactions. (FD – First Data)

API ControllerApplicable ForResult CodeResult Sub CodeResult Text

Transaction Approved (Result Code 1) – First Data

Transaction 1000Approved
  1002Approve for Partial amount
  1003Approve VIP

Processor Transaction Declined (Result Code 2) – First Data

  2001Schema Validation Error
  2100Do not honor
  2101Expired card
  2102Suspected fraud
  2103Unable to process TeleCheck recurring transaction wth this payment type(Not associated with insufficient or uncollected funds)
  2104Restricted card
  2105Call acquirer’s security department
  2106Allowable PIN tries executed
  2107Call for authorization
  2108Refer to issuer’s special conditions
  2109Invalid merchant. The merchant is not in merchant database or merchant is not permitted to use this particular card.
  2110Invalid amount
  2111Invalid host totals date
  2112DES encryption not allowed from device or terminal
  2113Host totals are incomplete
  2114invalid account type
  2116Not sufficient funds
  2117Incorrect PIN or PIN length error
  2118No card record
  2119Transaction not permitted to card holder
  2120Transaction not permitted to terminal
  2121exceeds withdrawal amount limit
  2122Security Voilation
  2123Exceeds withdrawal frequency limit
  2124Voilation of law
  2129Suspected counterfiet card
  2130Invalid terminal
  2131Invalid account number
  2132Unmatched card expiry date
  2133The TPP ID was not found
  2134Not suffiecient funds
  2150Invalid merchants set up
  2151Activation failed
  2152Exceeds limit
  2153Already redeemed
  2154Over monthly limit
  2155Recharge amount exceeded
  2156Max number of recharges exceeded
  2157Invalid entry
  2208Lost card /Lost check
  2209Stolen card
  2211Invalid SKU number
  2212Missing conditional data
  2213Invalid account number type for card type
  2214Invalid payment type/card type for merchant ID
  2215Invalid transcation for Merchant ID
  2216Invalid TransArmor request. Not support for given payment type, or merchant is not enabled for TransArmor
  2217Missing or Invalid secure payment data
  2218Merchant ID not enabled for secure code
  2219Invalid merchant category code
  2220Customer service phone number missing
  2221Merchant not enabled for soft descriptors
  2222Partial Auth not allowed
  2223Customer under 18 years old
  2224Account blocked-possible compromise
  2225Bill-to-address does match ship-to
  2226Invalid pre-approval number
  2227Invalid email address
  2228Need more ID – request full SSN
  2229Previously declined/ closed account
  2230One time stop payment requested by card holder
  2231Stop payment requested for all payment
  2232Stop all payments- account closed
  2233Auth response date not valid
  2234Issuance under minimum amount
  2235Outstanding Auth-funds on hold
  2236Activation amount incorrect
  2237Deny-new card issued
  2238Bin blocked
  2242Customer opt- out
  2243Institution does not accept auth transactions
  2244original transaction not approved
  2245Invalid MICR data
  2246Declined due to high risk
  2247Declined due to stand-in rules
  2248Conditional Approval-Hold shipping for 24 hours
  2250Re-authorization request is declined.Original Auth could not be found
  2251Re-authorization request is declined The customer account number,merchant id, amount did not match the original authorization
  2252Re-authorization request is declined. The amount significantly exceeds the original request amount.
  2252Re-authorization request is declined. Timeframes for reauthorization have been exceeded
  2254Counter offer to supply personal guarantee
  2300Invalid EAN or SCV
  2301Lock has expired on prepaid card
  2302Account closed. The account was closed probably because the account balance was 0.00$
  2303Unknown account. The account could not be located account doesnt not exist in the account table.
  2304Inactive account. The account has not been activated by an approved location.
  2308Already active.The account is already active and doesnot need to be reactivated.
  2311Not lost or stolen
  2315Bad mag stripe. The mag stripe could not be parsed for account information.
  2316Incorrect location.There was a problem with merchant location.
  2317Max balance exceeded.The transaction if completed woukd cause the account balance to be exceeded by max_balance as specified in the promotion. Some merchants set the max_balance to a value twice the max transaction amount.
  2318Invalid amount. There was a problem with the amount feed in the transactio format – more or less than min/max amounts specified in the promotion for the transaction
  2319Invalid clerk. The clerk field was either missing, when required, or the content did not match the requirements.
  2320Invalid password
  2321Invalid new password. The password did not meet the minimum security criteria.
  2322Exceeded accpunt reloads. The clerk/user/location was only permitted to reload some number of accounts that number was exceeded
  2323Password retry exceeded. The user account has been frozen because the user attempted access and was denied. Seek management assisstance
  2326Incorrect transaction version or format number for POS transaction
  2327Request not permitted by this account
  2328Request not permitted by this merchant location
  2330Bad_checksum. Checksum provided is incorrect
  2331Balance not available. Due to an internal firstData prepaid closed loop issue, information from this account could not be retrieved.
  2332Account locked
  2333No previous transaction the void or reversal transaction could not be matched to a previous(original) trnasaction. Incase of redemption, the corresponding locking transaction could not be identified.
  2334Already reversed
  2336Bad authorization ID. The authorization ID test failed.
  2337Too many transactions requested
  2338No transaction available/no more transactions available. There are no transactions available for this account or there are no transactions determined by the first specified transcation number.
  2339Transaction history not available
  2340New password required
  2341Invalid status change. The status change requested (lost/stolen, freeze active active card) cannot be performed.
  2342Void of activation after account activity
  2343No phone service. Attempted a calling card transaction pon an account which is not configured for calling card activity
  2344Internet access disabled
  2345Invalid data time
  2350Additional customer authentication required
  2355Invalid currency. The provided currency is invalid
  2356Currency not supported
  2357Currency conversion error
  2359The terminal transaction number did not match(on a void or reversal)
  2367Traget embossed.card entered and transaction count entered do not match.
  2368No account link
  2369Invalid Time zone
  2370account on hold or subscriber not active.
  2372Promo location restricted
  2373Invalid card account
  2374Product code (s) resctricted
  2375Bad post date (BPD). Post date is not a valid date
  2376Account status is void lock
  2377Already active and reloadable
  2378Account is purged.Account record was purged from the database
  2380Bulk activation error
  2381Bulk activation un-attempted error
  2382Bulk activation package amount error
  2383Store location zero not allowed
  2384Account row locked
  2385Accepted but not yet processed
  2402TransArmour service unavailable
  2403TransArmour Invalid token or account number
  2404TAKETransArmour Key error
  2501Date of birth error for check processing
  2502Invalid state code
  2503New account information
  2504Do not try again
  2505Please retry
  2506Invalid checking account number
  2507New account information available
  2508Try again later-Declined: Association’s payment cancellation advice code provided. Applies to recurring authorizations only.These are the examples of what may have occured: The account is over the credit limit try again in 72 hours
  2509Do not try again- applies to recurring authorizations only, card has expired
  2510New account information- applies to recurring authorizations only, card has expired.Get the new expiration date and try again
  2512Service not allowed
  2513Declined. Transaction not permitted to acquirer or terminal
  2514Do not try again-applies to recurring authorizations only. There was a security voilation
  2515Declined. No term record of first data system
  2516Please retry-Reasons for this error are one of the following: Format error, unable to route transaction,Switch or issuer unavailable, system busy, time out
  2517CVV2 declined
  2518Invalid account/ date or sales date in future
  2519Invalid effective date
  2520Reversal rejected . Do not try again
  2521Enter lesser amount
  2522Cashback greater than total transaction amount
  2523Crypto box is offline
  2524Debit switch unavailable timeout retry-Communications link to debit/EBT network gateway is down or responded with a “System Malfunction (96))” message
  2525Debit/EBT network gateway cannot get through to the issuer
  2526Undefined card- Debit/EBT network gateway cannot route card based on merchant entitlement
  2527Network response indicates that Merchant id/SE is invalid
  2528Debit/EBT transaction count exceeds predetermined limit in specified time/ withdrawal limit exceeded
  2529Resubmission of transaction voilates Debit/EBT network frequency
  2530The authorizing network has a problem decrypting the cryptogram in the request.
  2583TheVisa OCT/Master card moneySend Funding activity has exceeded preset transaction count or amount limit within rolling 30-day period for this account number
  2584TheVisa OCT/Master card moneySend payment activity has exceeded preset transaction count or amount limit within rolling 24-day period for this account number
  2585TheVisa OCT/Master card moneySend payment activity has exceeded preset transaction count or amount limit within rolling 7-day period for this account number
  2586TheVisa OCT/Master card moneySend payment activity has exceeded preset transaction count or amount limit within rolling 30-day period for this account number
  2587The single transaction amount limit was exceeded for Visa/OCT?Master card MoneySend transaction for given merchant
  2588All Visa OCT/Master card moneySend Funding activity has exceeded preset transaction count or amount limit within rolling 24-hour period (current and prior 6 days) or 30-day period (current and prior 29 days for given merchant.
  2601Invalid batch number/Invalid batch ID or Invalid Open Batch
  2602No Open Batch
  2603Close Unavailable
  2604Close Not Valid
  2701Approved EMV Key load
  2702EMV Key download error
  2703Approved EMV KeyLoad, More key load data pending
  2704Pick up card
  2708Honor with authentication
  2721Invalid ZIP code
  2722Invalid Value in the field
  2723Driver’s license or ID required
  2724Referred- Not active
  2726Unable to locate record on file
  2727Refer- Call authorization
  2728Referred- Skip Trace info
  2729Hard negative info on file
  2731Rejected Lost/Stolen checks
  2740Totals Unavailable
  2767Hard capture; Pick up
  2771Amount too large
  2772Duplicate return
  2774Duplicate Reversal
  2775Subsystem unavailable
  2776Duplicate Completion
  2782Count exceeds limit
  2785No reason to decline
  2790Not approved. used only in Visa bill/ recurring payment.Merchant must not resubmit same transaction but may continue billing process in subsequent billing period
  2791Not approved. Used only in Visa bill/Recurring payment. Merchant must stop recurring payment request
  2792See attendant
  2801Over Merchandize limit
  2802Imprint card
  2803Not on file
  2804Fuel only
  2805Velocity exceeded
  2806Authorization ID needed
  2807Over non-fuel limit
  2808Invalid location
  2809Over card velocity count
  2810Over card velocity amount
  2811Over issuer velocity count
  2812Over issuer velocity amount
  2813Over merchant daily velocity count
  2814Over merchant daily velocity amount
  2815Over merchant daily velocity both
  2816Over merchant product velocity amount
  2817Over merchant product velocity count
  2818Over merchant product velocity both
  2819Over chain daily velocity count
  2820Over chain daily velocity amount
  2821Over chain daily velocity both
  2822Over chain product velocity count
  2823Over chain product velocity both
  2824Over chain product velocity amount
  2825No chain ID for chain merchant
  2826Signature required
  2827Velocity exception error- pay inside
  2828Exceeds merchant count for Period-pay inside
  2829Exceeds merchant amount for period -pay inside
  2830Exceeds merchant count and amount for Period-pay inside
  2831Exceeds zip code count for Period-pay inside
  2832Exceeds zip code amount for Period-pay inside
  2833Exceeds zip code count and for Period-pay inside
  2834Exceeds state count for Period-pay inside
  2835Exceeds state amount for Period-pay inside
  2836Exceeds state count and amount for Period-pay inside
  2837Exceeds global count for Period-pay inside
  2838Exceeds global amount for Period-pay inside
  2839Exceeds global count and amount for Period-pay inside
  2840Unknown velocity error -Pay inside
  2902Invalid Transaction.This merchant, card/ Terminal is not permitted to perform this transaction, or the transaction type is invalid,or FirstData is unable to route a refund request to the network,or there is an issue with the XML message.If 902 is returned when submitting a completion for the second time, the first completion submitted has been sucessfully applied,even if the device did not receive a response in the first completion
  2904Format error * Message Varies
  2905Unsupported message. Transaction was rejected. Call your helpdesk or operations support
  2906System Error.There is a problem with the host processing system.Call your helpdesk or operations support
  2907Card issuer or swith inoperative or processor not available
  2908Transaction destination not found for routing
  2909System malfunction or time out
  2911Card issuer timed out
  2913Duplicate transaction
  2914Void/Full reversal request unable to process due to settlement already occured. a refund transaction may be necessary to reconcile a cardholders account
  2915Time out reversal not supported .Resend the original transaction with same Reference Number that timed out. Do not retry the time out reversal
  2916Voids/Full reversal request unable to process since the original authorization was not found,
  2920Security H/W or S/W Error -Try again
  2921Security H/W or S/W Error -No Action
  2923Request in progress
  2924Limit check failed
  2941Invalid issuer
  2942Customer cancellation
  2944Invalid response
  2950Violation of business arrangement
  2954CCV failed
  2958CCV2 Failed
  2959CAV failed
  2963Acquirer channel unavailable