OnePay- User Guide

Fraud Detection Settings- VT

The settings helps the user detect any fraud regarding the transactions. Fraud can be detected against the following Transaction Settings:-

  • Enhanced AVS Handling Filter.

  • Enhanced CCV Handling Filter.

  • Amount Filter.

1.When the User selects Enhanced AVS Handling Filter, the following are the General AVS Responses:

The major function of Enabling AVS Handling filter is to validate if the Zip code and Address are correctly entered during the time of Transaction. If either the Zipcode or the Address is invalid, Virtual Terminal responds with a decline transaction.

Address and Zip Code Responses

When the User Selects the Enhanced CCV Handling Filter, the following is the list of Responses in the Image.

Note:- CV stands for Card Code Verification which means that if the Card Details in the transaction does not meet the CCV Standards (if it is enabled), then the transaction results in a Decline. If CCV Handling Filter is allowed, then the transaction would Approve.


Transaction limits (Per Transaction) could be set with the Lower Limit Amount being 0 and Higher Limit Amount being 9999. 

The lower limit when Amount Filter is enabled is 0,while the upper limit is set to 9999.  User would be able to perform Transactions only as per the Transaction limit set(per Transaction)

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