AMS User Guide

Login Flow

Activate Account

When a user is added to an account, two emails are sent. The first email is a notification email.

This is followed by an account activation email.

Once the account is activated login to the system.

Go to to get to the login page.

Enter credentials and click Sign In.

Forgot Password

If a password is forgotten, click on the highlighted link to set a new password.

Enter your email address and verify with captcha.

Enter email and check the checkbox.

If email is not registered, it will show the message ‘Invalid Email’

If Submit button is not clicked soon enough, the captcha verification will expire.

Enter a valid email, check the checkbox and hit Submit. A message will appear indicating a reset link has been sent to email.

On the email, click on the green button to reset your password.

Reset Password

To reset a user’s password, go to User Management–>User and click the icon under actions and then the highlighted option to send a reset password link to the user.

A prompt like this will appear.

On the email use the green button to reset your password.

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