OnePay- User Guide


The Reporting Page shows all the transaction details (approved/declined).
The details like transactions id ,method ,name ,transactions type, batches, amount etc. are shown in the reports page.
The transactions processed can be searched in two ways

Transactions: The transactions are the transactions that user processes in the Virtual terminal .In transactions list, the transaction ids and details are populated
Batches: After a credit card transaction is made, an issuing bank sends an authorization code to the merchant, and then the “settlement stage” or batch processing begins. It is called batch processing because a number (or batch) of transactions is settled all at one time.

  • On clicking on a batch id, all the transactions under the batch id will be populated.

  • If user intends to see the report for a specific result, we can provide the details in the search column and search. The details of the specific transaction will be populated.

  •  export option is avaliable for the transaction details from the reporting page by clicking on the export button and the details will be saved as a .xlsx file.

  • There is also an option for enhanced searching.

The Transaction Details page shows all the details of the transactions processed including the customers details.
Transaction details page can be viewed by two ways.

  • Firstly, after processing a transaction in the popup user can click view No spelling mistakes : Use auto correct details and the transaction details page will open as shown below

  • Secondly, in the reporting page, click on the transaction id. The transaction details page for that transaction id will open as shown below.

  • There is an option to print receipt, email receipt, re-process and refund (for settled transactions)/ void (for unsettled transactions).

  • Re process will process the same transaction again.


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