OnePay- User Guide

Setting up OnePay account and Login steps

Setting up OnePay account

ACTIVATE ACCOUNT-Please click on the activation link sent via email.

SET PASSWORD– Kindly follow the instructions provided to set password.


  • If the new password is not as per the requirement- Password do not match requirements error will be shown
  •  If new password does not match with the confirm password- Password do not match error will be shown


Last 5 passwords cannot be used

If a wrong Password is entered 5 times, The account gets locked.

  • Incase, The account gets locked reach us at or +1 650-7092 -400
  • If a user forgets the password, the forgot password link sent a password reset link to the registered email id. The same link can be used to reset the password.         

Login to OnePay

Login is successful when navigated to Dashboard page.

Error Message

If the username or password is incorrect.

Error message will be displayed on the screen as shown below.

Reset Password/ Forgot Password

Forgot password

  • Enter the Username assigned
  • Provide user’s email address
  • Please select the captcha
  • Click on confirm

Link sent to the user’s email address

  • Click on the Reset Password Link sent to email address provided

  • Link navigates to Reset Password Page.
  • Enter a New Password
  • Repeat the Password to confirm
  • Click on Submit

Password has now been changed. An email stating the same has been sent to email address.

User can now login again using the new Password from

For queries related to Login steps refer Login to OnePay