SnapPost- User Guide




User can change the Default Terminal from the Default Terminal dropdown.

General settings allows the user to configure the following options by checking the checkbox icon next to it.

  • Prompt to swipe- Prompts swipe option on the transactions screen.
  • Auto process transaction after swipe- Enables to process transaction directly after a card is swiped.
  • Auto start-Will automatically start the app. PAX Device settings: Used for configuration of PAX device.
  • Auto Update-Will check for updates and update the snappost to the latest version available. 


This setting displays the list of devices that SnapPost can be linked to.

Click on Save after selecting the device

Configure Update

This setting has two options for user

  1. User can Configure Auto Update Option where any updates released will automatically be installed.
  2. User can manually Check for Updates and install once updates are released.