OnePay- User Guide

Step-4: Select the other transaction type

Step-4: Select the other transaction type

Select the other Transaction types by clicking on the dropdown.

Other types of Transaction could be:

1: Authorization and Capture

For a transaction to be completed successfully, user can perform an authorization and a capture on the transaction.

An authorization ensures that customer’s credit account is open, in good standing, and has sufficient funds to complete the submitted transaction.

If the card passes these checks, the issuing bank will place a hold on the funds for the amount of the authorization.

After a successful authorization has been completed, user will be captured and transferred from customers account to users account.

2. Authorization Only

Authorization only is a type of payment card transaction that holds funds from a cardholder’s account for settlement at a later date . This transaction implies that the funds are not actually deducted from the card holder’s account but are on hold for that transaction.

Note: This transaction freezes the transacted amount and thereby limits the available balance in cardholders account, The transaction will be completed only after its captured and settled from the bank.

3. Prior Authorization Capture

A type of credit card transaction request that captures funds on previously authorized or authorized-only transactions At the time of the original authorization-only transaction, an issuing bank will give a user an authorization code to submit.

4: Verification

This type of transaction is essentially a $0 transaction.

This is typically processed in a card-not-present scenario, where the User wants to verify the credit card but not actually process an amount at that time.

Often, this transaction method is used to “tokenize” the credit card for later use. A verification transaction enables checking the validity of the credit card number, expiry date, and card security.

However, since no amount is sent, what is not being verified is the cardholder’s available balance.

Scenario: Zero Dollar Transaction

  • Select Verification from the dropdown as shown.
  • Search for the customer using the search customer tab
  • verify the details of the customer
  • Enter 0 $ in the transaction amount
  • click on process transaction

Transaction approved

  • Click on view details to view the reciept

View the report to find the transaction type: Verification

And transaction amount as Zero dollars

 Verify the card details.