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Telerik Dashboard- VT

A dashboard is a tool used for information management and business intelligence. Much like the dashboard of a car, data dashboards organize, store, and display important information from multiple data sources into one, easy-to-access place.  

The Virtual Terminal dashboard shows data with respect to customers and the total transactions done by them. Following is the list of Dashboard metrices which the Virtual Terminal dashboard displays:-

Dashboard Metrices Span Details
Sales Count Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Sales Transactions done on the Terminal.
Sales Volume Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Amount of Sales done on the Terminal.
No. Of Payments Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Total Number of Payments done by the Customers.
Refunds Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly No. of Amount returned to the Customers.
Voids Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly No. of Void done to the Customer Payments.
Total Customers Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Total Number of Customers in the Virtual Terminal.
Total Transactions Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly No. of total transactions done on the Terminal.
Total Sales Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Total no. of Sales done on the Terminal.
Total Approvals Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Total number of transactions approved on the Terminal.
Total Declines Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Total number of declines done on the Terminal.
Total Refunds Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Total number of refunds given to the Customers.
Approved Percentage Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly % approval /decline of Transactions done on the Terminal.
Sales Volume Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Volume of Sales done on the Terminal.
Sales and Refund by card brands Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Number of Sales and Refunds done through various card brands.
Sum of Sales Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Total Sum of all the sales done on the Terminal.
Sum of Refunds Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Total Sum of refunds done through the Terminal.


Past 7 days

Past 12 months

Past 30 days

Admin Dashboard View

Users with Admin privileges would be able to see the Sales Data for various terminals. Data would include Terminals Details, Sum of Sales, Sum of Refunds along with Transactions that have been performed through different card brands. Card brands include Visa, MasterCard, EBT, Discover and Amex. 


Terminal Access Feature

  1. Terminal Access Feature is the functionality where a merchant can view the Terminal they are logged into.

2. User has the option to switch to a different terminal by accessing the Dropdown. Once the user clicks on any Terminal through the dropdown, they can access the chosen terminal. 

3. Users can also enter the terminal name manually they wish to access.

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