Zoho Desk APIs facilitate integration with other Zoho applications and third-party tools by adhering to RESTful principles. These APIs enable you to programmatically fetch and edit data in the different modules in Zoho Desk, such as Tickets, Contacts, Accounts and so on. All the APIs follow HTTP rules and error codes. To keep yourself updated about the changes in our APIs, follow the Zoho Desk Developer APIs forum.

API Root Endpoint

Getting Started

All Zoho Desk APIs require these two mandatory fields in the header.

  1. Authorization – Authentication request token
  2. orgId -ID of the organization to access. All API endpoints except /organizations mandatorily require the orgId.


$ curl -X GET
  -H “orgId:2389290”
  -H “Authorization:Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.67013ab3960787bcf3affae67e649fc0.83a789c859e040bf11e7d05f9c8b5ef6”

HTTP Methods

Zoho Desk APIs enable data manipulation and retrieval through different HTTP methods.


GETRetrieve resources
POSTCreate resources and perform resource actions
PUTUpdate resources
PATCHPartially update resources
DELETEDelete resources

Using the GET method, you can get a list of resources or details of a particular instance of a resource. To get a list of tickets

$ curl -X GET -H “orgId:2389290” -H “Authorization:Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.67013ab3960787bcf3affae67e649fc0.83a789c859e040bf11e7d05f9c8b5ef6”

To get the details of a ticket referred to by a specified ticket_id

$ curl -X GET https:// -H “orgId:2389290” -H “Authorization:Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.67013ab3960787bcf3affae67e649fc0.83a789c859e040bf11e7d05f9c8b5ef6”