Token API

This method generates the token for various accounts.

Token Endpoint: {{GatewayAPIURL}}/Token

Request Field Description



numberMandatorynumeric13 to 19 DigitsCustomer’s Card Number
expiration_dateMandatorynumericMMYYCredit Card Expiration Date

Response Field Description

result_codestring1 – Success2- Failure3- ErrorThe status of the token generation
result_sub_codestring3000- Success Code
3001 – 3006 – Error Codes
Response sub code provided for token generation
result_textstringup to 100 characters APPROVAL, DECLINEDDescription of the outcome of the token generation
transaction_datetimestringFormat- yyyyMMddTHHmmssZDate and Time of the token generation response

account data

tokenstringalphanumeric value generated by token generation processtoken generated for the card
last4stringLast 4 card digitsDisplays the last 4 digits of the card used for generating the token
expiration_datestringMMYYThe card’s expiration date
account_typestringMASTER CARD- MCVISA- VIAMEX- AXDISCOVER- DSJCB- JCDINERS- DCCard brand of the account used for generating the token
accountstringCC- Credit cardThe account type for which the token is generated