SnapPost- User Guide



Transactions in Snappost are done on the Transaction Page.

This page consists of

  • Customer- In this section all the customer details can be entered or viewed.
  • Payment –In this section all thepayment information details such as transaction amount, also enables the user to select the transaction type from the drop down
  • Options– This section provides an option to the user to send an email receipt, add to address book,sms receipt and add to vault checked on the box next to it.
  • Cancel and Process- This option allows the user to process the transaction or cancel.

Transaction Process – New Customer

1. Customer Details

Enter the customer details manually in this section –

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address details
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Customer ID
  • Zip Code

2. Payment Details

Step 1: Enter the amount

Enter the transaction amount in dollars

Step 2 : Select the Transaction Type

  • Credit/Debit (Card Present)
  • Credit/Debit (Card Not Present)
  • ACH (E-Check)

Case 1: Credit/Debit (Card Present)

Swipe Option

If a card is present select Credit/Debit (Card Present) from the dropdown and use the swipe option.

While using a swipe option, card swipe machine is connected to the system and the card is swiped.

The card details will automatically be populated and the transaction will be processed.

Case 2: Credit/Debit (Card Not Present)

If a card is not present select Credit/Debit (Card Not Present) from the dropdown

Case 3: ACH (E-Check)

In case a Customer requests for a Bank transaction

  • Select ACH
  • Enter Routing Number
  • Enter Account Number
  • Select the SEC code from the drop down
  • Select the Check Type from drop down

SEC Codes

  • Note: These SEC codes are prescribed by NACHA. The below table describes them.
SEC Code
DescriptionAccount Types
WEBInternet-Initiated EntrySingle or recurring debits authorized via InternetConsumer- Savings, Checking and Business Checking
TELTelephone-Initiated EntrySingle debits authorized via telephone.  Consumer-Savings, Checking and Business Checking
PPDPrearranged Payment and DepositPrearranged payments and deposits, most often on a recurring basis (payroll, bill payments)Consumer- Savings and checking
CCDCash Concentration and DisbursementCredits or debits where funds are distributed or consolidated between corporations.Corporate-Business checking
BOCBack Office Conversion EntryAllows creation of single debits for a point-of-purchase check during back office conversion.Consumer-Savings, Checking and Business Checking
ARCAccounts Receivable EntrySingle debits based on a check received through U.S. mail or dropbox.Consumer-Savings, Checking and Business Checking

Check Types

Step 3 : Select the Options

  • E-Mail Receipt- When a customer requests for an email receipt check the checkbox of E-mail Receipt.
  • Add to Vault- To save the details of the customer check the checkbox of Add to Vault.

Step 4 : Process a transaction

Click on Process to process a transaction

When a Transaction is successful following receipt is generated

When a transaction is not successful following receipt is generated.

Click on New Transaction to process another New transaction