AMS User Guide

User Management


To manage user and roles, navigate to User Management from the left hand navigation panel.

To view and edit the users in the system, click on the Users tab.


Use the highlighted Export button to export the list as a .csv file.

Add User

Add users to the system using the highlighted Add User button.

Add User fields

The mandatory fields here are Email, Mobile, and Role. Make sure to select designated Division, Zone and Depot from respective dropdowns in order to tag user to particular depot.

Ensure Active status is selected and click Save.

To restrict user permissions, add a new Role as detailed further down.


Click on the Action button to find the options: Edit User and Reset Password.

Edit User

Click on Edit User to update user details.

Reset Password

Clicking Reset Password sends a link to the user that enables a password change.


Under User management, clicking on Roles in the left hand navigation panel will open the following window with a list of roles.

Search and Reset functionalities will work same as on the Users window.

Add Role

A role can be added to the system using the highlighted Add Role button.

Clicking on Add Role will open the following window.

Add the mandatory Role Name, Description, and Status. These roles will be permission-based. For example, IT Access might only have view access to Assets and User Management, while Super Admin access will have all view/add/edit access. This is completely customizable as per user needs.


After adding role-specific details select the appropriate permission for that particular user.

Under Permissions use the multiple collapsible sections to select permissions for the particular role.

After giving desired permissions click on Save and assign the role to any user.

Edit Role

Clicking on the highlighted icon under Actions column, you will be able to edit roles and make changes.

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