It refers to an interface for generating, validating or managing tokens which are small pieces of data used for authentication, authorization or security in software applications.

These APIs are crucial for ensuring secure and controlled access to various resources and services.

Token Endpoint: {{GatewayAPIURL}}/Token

Request Field Description:

numberMandatorynumeric13 to 19 DigitsCustomer’s Card Number
expiration_dateMandatorynumericMMYYCredit Card Expiration Date

Response Field Description:

result_codestring1 – Success2- Failure3- ErrorThe status of the token generation
result_sub_codestring3000- Success Code
3001 – 3006 – Error Codes
Response sub code provided for token generation
result_textstringup to 100 characters APPROVAL, DECLINEDDescription of the outcome of the token generation
transaction_datetimestringFormat- yyyyMMddTHHmmssZDate and Time of the token generation response
account data
tokenstringalphanumeric value generated by token generation processtoken generated for the card
last4stringLast 4 card digitsDisplays the last 4 digits of the card used for generating the token
expiration_datestringMMYYThe card’s expiration date
account_typestringMASTER CARD- MCVISA- VIAMEX- AXDISCOVER- DSJCB- JCDINERS- DCCard brand of the account used for generating the token
accountstringCC- Credit cardThe account type for which the token is generated