Pay page: A "pay page" typically refers to the section of a website that is dedicated to facilitating payments. It is the page where users can enter their payment information, such as credit card details or ACH to complete a purchase or transaction.

Logo URL: A logo URL refers to the specific web address or URL where a company's logo image is hosted or located on the internet. By using the logo URL, you can embed or display the logo image on webpages,

Page Key: It is a unique identifier for payment page and a generated page key is associated with a specific invoice or payment request. This key can be used to authenticate and authorize subsequent actions related to that payment like capturing funds.

HMAC Key: HMAC stands for Hash-based Message Authentication Code. HMAC involves the use of a cryptographic hash function and a secret key. This key should be kept confidential and should not be shared with unauthorized parties. It provides a several important security features like Integrity & Authentication.

User can be able perform the Credit card or ACH transaction and can be able to deactivate the transactions.

Pay Page URL:

View : Clicking upon the view button, screen would be redirected to payment URL where user can be able to make the payment.

Copy: User can be able to copy the URL

View QR Code: User can be able to Copy the URL, view the QR Code to scan and pay and download the QR.

Save: Clicking on Save will update the modified changes which displays a confirmation message as "Hosted Pay Page is updated".

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