Automated Billing

Automated Billing

Automated billing refers to the process of automating the invoicing and payment collection system. It shows in the billing such as customer information, amount, Billing type etc.


User will get two options to check all the billing plan for the customer.

  1. Billing Plans
  2. Scheduled Payments

Billing plans

All the billing details for new customer or existing customer along with Customer ID is showing in Billing plans section.
User can also search, create the new billing plan or edit the billing plans.

  1. Search: User can search the customer by entering the Customer ID.

  2. New billing Plan: User can create the new billing plan for new customer or existing customer and
    can search the customer by entering the customer ID.

    After clicking upon the new billing plan, screen will be redirected to " Create new billing plan".

Here, User can be able to generate new billing plan for the customer or for existing customer.

Edit: User can be able to edit the Customer details, Plan scheduling, Transaction detail or charge
new account for existing customer.

Scheduling the billing plan for daily, monthly, weekly, Yearly


Plan schedule: Types of billing planned for customer

  1. Recurring
  2. Installment
  3. One time schedule
  • Recurring - Recurring payment is a payment where the customers authorize the merchant to pull funds from their accounts automatically at regular intervals for the goods and services provided to them on an ongoing basis. The amount will be automatically deducted at predefined intervals until the customer retracts their permission.**
    Customer can be billed on Daily, Monthly, weekly or yearly from the start date until permission set for payment.

  • Installment - An installment payment is a payment arrangement in which a debtor agrees to make regular payments over a specified period of time to pay off a debt. This installment payments are typically made monthly, Weekly Yearly or daily from the start date until the specified date of payments.

  • One time Schedule-A one-time payment is a billing option where users make a one-off payment for a product or service without additional or ongoing charges. The amount will be paid at predefined start date. Customer can bill on start date that user have mentioned in the Virtual terminal.

Transaction Detail: user will enter the amount in transaction details and according to the given amount in the details plan will be scheduling for customer.

  1. Scheduled Payments: Scheduled payments where payment is set up to be made on a specific date or on a
    regular schedule, such as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. These payments can be automated or manually
    scheduled, and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as paying bills, transferring funds between accounts or
    adding the new accounts.


    What user can do in scheduled Payment section:

    1. Search: user can be able to search the scheduled payment on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
    2. Enhanced search
    3. Edit

: user can be able to search the scheduled payment on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Enhanced Search: User can also search the schedule Payment through the Customer ID, status, Terminal, Billing type
account name, amount by clicking upon "Enhanced search".

Edit: On edit, page will be redirected to edit billing plan where user can be able to edit customer details, Transaction
details or add the account for particular customer.

Note: User are not allowed to edit the plan scheduling.