Pay Link Creation


What is a Pay link?

Pay link may also refer to a feature that allows someone to request payment from another person by sending them a link that takes them to a payment page.

Pay link Overview

  • Pay link dashboard displays the overall count, status of the Pay link sent over to the client, total amount paid and links sent via e-mail and/or SMS during the Timespan from today through 12 Months.
  • User can "Add a Pay link" to send.
  • User can "Manage Pay links" to view and modify the Pay link.

Timespan: The duration or period of time between start date and end date where user can be able to see the count and status of transaction of Pay links.

E-mail and SMS: User can view the number of Pay links sent via E-mail and SMS.

Pay link - Terminal Vise: Pay link shows for RETAIL and ECOMM Terminals only.


Following is the list of Dashboard metrices which the Pay link displays:


The overview results displayed is of the the specific terminal selected (either RETAIL or ECOMM)

  1. Sent: Link sent, but is unopened.
  2. Opened: Opened, but not paid.
  3. Undelivered: Pay link E-mail or SMS is undelivered.
  4. Paid: Opened and Paid successfully.
  5. Cancelled: Pay link is sent but cancelled from Manage Pay link.
  6. Total : Count of Pay links sent.
  7. Total Amount : Sum of successfully processed payments.
  8. Add Pay link: User should be able to send the link to the customer Email ID and/or the phone number.
  9. Manage Pay link: User should be able to take an action on the pay link sent.


Steps to ADD and SEND a Pay link:

  1. Click on "Add Pay Link"
  2. Fill all the mandatory and required field details.
  3. Customer receives the link to pay.
  4. Clicking on "Pay Now", redirects to PayPage. Enter card information and required field details to proceed and pay.

Step 1: Click on "Add Pay link."

Step 2: Enter all the required field details and click on "Send Link".

Step 3: The below screenshot shows the Pay link template received by the customer with the amount to be paid.

Clicking on "Pay Now" redirects to Pay Page.

Step 4 Fill in the Card or ACH details depending on the type of transaction you wish to proceed and confirm that you're a human, then click on "Pay Now".

Note:Navigate to "Manage Paylink" and click on the gear icon under "Actions" tab against the pay link that you received, opened and paid successfully.

a) EDIT, RESEND and CANCEL - None of them will be enabled when paid in full.

b) If sent but not opened by the customer yet, all three options will be enabled.

c) If cancelled, only EDIT option will be enabled for modifications.

Pay Link Overview: An option available in Manage Pay link is "Pay link Overview" which basically redirects to the pay link dashboard.

Import: Import option allows to send pay links in bulk to a maximum of 50 customers in each set.

Download the Template

Update the customers list in the downloaded template by following the guidelines mentioned and save the changes.

Return to VT and click on "CHOOSE FILE" to import the updated customers list and "SEND LINK".

The Pay link shall be sent to everyone on the imported list.