A manage screen is a user interface that allows users to view, edit, and manage data or settings related to a particular feature or function within Virtual Terminal.

In manage, user can be able manage user, Roles, Receipt Templates, SMS Template, Custom fields, Security fields, security Keys, Webhook, Pay Page, Plugin, Fraud Detection settings, Auth settings, VT settings.

Following items can be managed by Merchant user through the Manage screen.

  • User - Merchant user can be able to manage user by updating the information except username, creating the new user or reset the password.
  • Roles - Maanging the roles by giving the permission to the user.
  • Receipt Template - User can be able to manage the Receipt templates for the user.
  • SMS Template - User can be able to manage the SMS templates for the user.
  • Custome Fields - User can be able to add fields in the screen for the customer details.
  • Standard Fields - User can be able add the data fields that are pre-defined and will be used to collect and store specific types of information in a consistent manner.
  • Security key -
  • Webhook -
  • Pay Page -
  • Plugin -
  • Fraud detection settings -User can be able to prevent fraudulent activities and protect their customers' sensitive information by configuring the settings like: AVS handling filter, AVS handling filter.
  • Auth settings -
  • VT settings - User can be able to configure the settings for features in virtual Terminal or Virtual Terminal device.