VT- Customer


When performing transactions in the virtual terminal, if the customer data is being saved to process the transaction, then all the saved customer details data will be showing in customer tab where user can manage the customer.


Terminology used for customers:

  2. Search
  3. Edit Customer
  4. Charge
  5. New Billing Plan


When new customer arrives or wanted to make any transaction, for saving the card
details user should be able add the customer details and click upon the " Save Account" to save the account

If user wanted to add new customer, click on "ADD new customer" it redirected to "Create new customer"

User will fill all necessary details like First name, last name, Customer ID, Address, Email address, Phone number
and save User can select card option for transaction or ACH for account-to-account transaction.

Note: The Customer ID can be generated in two ways:
AUTO GENERATED: When auto-generate is enabled, the customer ID will be autogenerated when the saved customer is clicked.
USER GENERATED: When auto-generate is unenabled, the customer ID must be manually entered before clicking the save option.


User can search the customer by entering the Customer ID, First name, last name, Account number.

Edit Customer

Clicking upon Edit, User can be able to add the new card, edit the customer details except
customer ID, manage the by default card and delete the card for existing customer.


Clicking upon the Charge option, page will be redirected to Virtual terminal screen where user can
process the transaction for existing customer.

User can be able to add new account for the existing user to process the transaction.

New Billing Plan

Clicking upon the New Billing plan, page will be redirected to Automated Billing where user
can create a billing plan by planning the schedule. Can select either recurring, Installment, or One time schedule
for customers.

What’s Next

User should create a billing plan for the customer.