Getting Started

Virtual Terminal (VT) - An online portal that accepts payments for all market types (Retail, E-commerce, Mail Order Telephone Order - MOTO) includes features such as Bundled Processing, Automated Billing, Enhanced Reporting, Hosted Payment Page, Customer Vault/Safe, Custom Receipts and Fields, Payment Links, Reseller and Merchant Billing.

What can be done with VT?

VT is focused on solving the gaps in payment processing in the ever-changing technology landscape to allow companies to focus on what users do best while payments and security are handled by One Pay's platform with Flexible API's, Tokenization, Vaulting and Automated Billing Solutions.

  1. Payment Operations
  • Virtual Terminal Transactions
  • Automated Billing Process
  • Pay Link Creation
  • Customer vaulting
  1. Reports
  • Dashboard
  • Transactions Report
  • Batches Report
  • Transactions Statistics Report
  • ACH Report
  1. VT Manage: Operational Management
  • User Management
  • Role Management
  • Templates Management for Receipt, SMS and Pay Link
  • Standard Fields and Custom Fields Management
  1. System and Integration Related Management
  • Security Keys Management
  • Webhook Management
  • Pay Page Management
  • Plugin Management
  • Fraud Detection Management
  • Auth Settings Management
  • VT Setting Management